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On cloud-free nights, there is the possibility to book observation evenings with a lecture on astronomy as an introduction on enquiry at the Johannes Kepler-Observatory. Included are observations with the bare eye or through the telescope (7''-Astrophysics-Refractor).

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Keplerwarte am Goetheanum
CH 4143 Dornach 1/Schweiz

Phone +41 61 706 42 20
Fax +41 61 706 42 23

All tours begin at the front desk at the Goetheanum

Stages of the Keplerwarte

Since about 1923 the Mathematical-Astronomical Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach operates a Star-Observatory. Initially it was intended for research purposes only, but later there were observation evenings initiated for the public. The first, from Elisabeth Vreede acquired Telescope originates from the 19. Century and is displayed partially in the Johannes Kepler-Observatory as a museum piece.

Starting in 1957 east and above the Goetheanum — between the house Schuurmann and the later build Woodhouse — the building of a Sectionhouse for the Mathematical-Astronomical Section is started from Suso Vetter. On 30 March 1958, the 33rd day of the death of Rudolf Steiner, the new Sectionbuilding is festively opened through Albert Steffen. Since that day it carries the name that Albert Steffen chose: Johannes Kepler-Observatory or shortKeplerobservatory. On 22 May 1958 is the newly restorated, freshly painted, blue telescope from Elisbeth Vreede in the what was then the "Tierkreishäuschen" being erected and arranged. On 7 June 1958 the first guided tour with Suso Vetter took place.

During the 80s was the existing teleskope replaced with a Celestron C-8-orange. It is a 203 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain-Mirror.

In the beginning 90s Wolfgang Held offered regularely public guided tours in the observatory, where between 20 and 100 visitors (on conventions) participated. An Astro Physics Starfire Apochromate (7,1") could be bought in 1994 because of a generous donation, that brings a great improvement to the optical quality. From 1995 until 1997 Michael Bader supported Wolfgang Held in the observatory.

Since 1999 Michael Bader offered guided tours in the observatory. With the help of the entrance fee an electric motor for the heavy 2t roof could be bought.

From February 2008 until Summer 2010 Sven Baumann offered the guided Startours in the observatory.

Since Autumn 2010 Oliver Conradt is offering the tours.